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When investing in listed asset classes, great emphasis is placed on the companies’ growth opportunities, the potential for profitability, and an in-depth evaluation of whether these are incorrectly priced by the market. Investment opportunities may arise at short notice, which is based on Modelio being up to date with the companies listed on Spotlight (AktieTorget), NGM, and NASDAQ First North.

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Modelio Equity has invested large resources in the listed portfolio over the past year. They have gone from a team for one full-time job to a team for two full-time jobs and two part-time jobs. The new hires have primarily created cutting-edge expertise in iGaming and Medtech and are increasing the number of companies that can be analyzed and monitored. Since last autumn, more resources have also been invested in hiring external experts, an investment that has borne fruit.

The investment process involves a screening among tens of thousands of companies to select about a thousand companies interesting enough to investigate further, these are later reduced to about a hundred companies for deeper analysis. Everything renders in about ten companies in which it is finally invested. In addition to the above screening, Modelio has also built up a large network of other investors with whom ideas are brainstormed and who act as ideas for new investments.

Selected holdings

From the start, Modelio has built a portfolio with the greatest focus on undiscovered and profitable small companies that show high growth.

The analysis team was strengthened in 2020 and with it added cutting-edge expertise in iGaming and Medtech. This means that the team now has deep expertise in more sectors and has thus increased the number of companies under update.

Key parameters in Modelio's listed holdings

Evolution Gaming is one of the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s fastest-growing companies. Historically, they have only focused on live casinos, but since the acquisition of NetEnt 2020, their product portfolio covers the entire casino segment. We believe that Evolution’s journey has only just begun and that growth in the coming years will continue to be high.

11bit is a Polish-based pure-play self-publisher and game developer with a long and rare track record in game development (80+ Meta-critic points*). The company is growing strongly with existing catalog sales and is facing major transformational game releases in the future within the relocating segment and internal productions.

Photocure has the most advanced solution for detecting bladder cancers. In recent years, the company has taken great strides in its commercialization and is now on the verge of reaping the rewards of recent years’ investments. Modelio estimates that the company will show high growth and strong margin expansion in the coming years.