Modelio Equity

Since our inception, we have invested and financed Nordic growth companies with more than 100 MEUR.

About us

Modelio Equity AB (publ) is an investment company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Modelio has been registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority since 2016. In addition to having an office in Stockholm, Modelio also has a facility in Gothenburg. As of today, Modelio has 8 employees.

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Our strategy

When investing in listed asset classes, great emphasis is placed on the companies’ growth opportunities, potential for profitability and an in-depth evaluation of whether these are incorrectly priced by the market. Investment opportunities may arise at short notice, which is based on Modelio being up to date with the companies listed on Spotlight (AktieTorget), NGM and NASDAQ First North.

The investments made in financial solutions are based on a balanced assessment of the company’s financial position. Instead of growth potential, calculations are modeled on whether the business can pay its short-term commitments. Investment guarantees are based on an assessment of the offer and the company is attractive enough for the stock market.

When investing in unlisted asset classes, the focus shifts to the company’s technology height, strategy and business model. Due to the fact that the liquidity in the unlisted asset classes is limited, Modelio chooses to focus its analysis on the companies’ long-term earning capacity. This is a key factor for good returns.

The heart of Modelio’s work through all business areas is in-depth analyzes of the individual investment object’s business concept, company management and long-term future prospects.

“We invest in fast-growing companies, with good scalability and a healthy balance sheet, where we see that through thorough analysis we can create a better insight into the company than the rest of the market. The companies are welcome to be undiscovered small companies on the smaller lists, which are not followed by larger analysis companies or funds. ”

Oliver Molse, CEO