Management & Board

Oliver Molse

CEO & Board Member
• Founder of Modelio Equity AB.
• The winner of the Swedish National Investment Competition 2012.
• Awarded Sweden ´s youngest super talent in 2015. Mentioned in the Swedish business magazine as a ” financial genius ".

Oscar Molse

Partner & Chairman of the Board
• Former portfolio manager at the hedge fund Adapto Energy.
• Former analyst at the award winning hedge fund Elixir.
• Former portfolio manager at Markeds kraft discretionary asset management with an AUM of SEK 800 million.

Peter Ferm

Board Member
• 30 years experience of investing.
• Seasoned entrepreneur.
• Represents Modelio ´s external investors

Patrik Mellin

Board Member
• Seasoned entrepreneur and investor
• CEO and owner of AB Mansholmen that invested in listed and unlisted entities.
• Chairman of the Board in Ocean Outdoor AB, DoohClick AB and Pigment AB.
• Former CEO of Mediaprovider and former Chairman for Ad City Media.