Modelio Finance

The investments made in financial solutions are based on a balanced assessment of the company’s financial position. Instead of growth potential, calculations are modeled on whether the business can pay its short-term commitments. Investment guarantees are based on an assessment of the offer and the company is attractive enough for the stock market.

Number of financial transactions completed in 2020

Return through transactions & loans

Modelio has a long history of participating in various types of transactions. Through close dialogue and long business relationships with both stockbrokers and financial advisers and directly with the companies, Modelio Finance is the obvious player to contact when a transaction is to be carried out in the primary as well as in the secondary market. With this positioning, Modelio has grown into one of the more transaction-intensive players in the emerging markets.

Through a flexible ”approach” and a close collaboration with advisors and companies, Modelio can create package solutions and assist with several types of financial support to the companies (an example can be through a bridge loan for, and a guarantee in connection with, a rights issue). As a large part of this business area involves lending, Modelio Finance creates a risk-averse effect on Modelio’s portfolio as a whole, as the loans return positively even in a weak market climate or if the company does not deliver operationally according to a statement.

Types of transactions in which Modelio participates

Capital raising

Rights issue, private placements, IPOs and Pre-Ipo guarantees.

Other transactions

Block transactions, other transactions, reverse acquisitions, and M&A.


Credits, credit facilities, convertibles, bridge loans, and pure loans.

”The collaboration with Modelio Equity AB has worked very well and we look forward to an equally positive collaboration during this period.”

Kenneth Arnström, Chairman of the Board of Abelco Investment Group AB in PM after extended loan​