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When investing in unlisted asset classes, the focus shifts to the company’s technology height, strategy, and business model. Because liquidity in the unlisted asset classes is limited, Modelio chooses to focus its analysis on the companies’ long-term earning capacity. This is a key factor for good returns.

Number of unlisted companies in the portfolio

IT & Technology

Most common sector

Unlisted growth stories

Modelio’s work in the unlisted environment is done through Modelio Ventures with an investment model developed for three types of investment arrangements.

Larger profitable mature companies

If the company intends to continue operating in the unlisted environment, Modelio intends to apply a passive co-ownership. By primarily focusing on companies that are profitable and being careful not to take on too much of the company, the risk of this type of investment is reduced.

Before listing

Modelio Ventures continuously screens the market for exciting IPO candidates who within 18 months are expected to be mature enough to list their shares on one of the trading venues. Through its long experience of stock exchange travel and taking companies to the stock exchange, Modelio knows what the market values ​​and can thus invest in the right company at the right stage to assist the company in the work towards listing. Thus, Modelio can position itself for a fine value journey while having control over the process and conditions.

Partner investment

Through its exclusive position in the financial market, Modelio has built up a wide network of talented entrepreneurs. By positioning itself as the first external investor in the company, Modelio takes an active partner role and assists e.g. by acting as a sounding board in business strategic decisions, finding potential leads in Modelio’s network, work with acquisitions but also with developing financial plans. Through close cooperation with the companies, it is ensured that the companies develop positively.

When this type of investment is evaluated, great value is placed on the entrepreneurs behind the company who must proactively lead the company through all the challenges and difficulties it entails to drive a startup to a potential billion-dollar company.

Max Björs
Senior Analyst